The Bunny Ears is a misc equipment that can be acquired from the Sad Rabbit after turning in the quest. It can also be obtained through joining during the Easter 2020 event.

In appearance, the Bunny Ears is based on a pair of bunny ears with pink and white fur. Besides that, not much can be said about it.

Once equipped, the Bunny Ears will provide 20 points to the player's jump boost, allowing them to jump higher than usual. Besides that, the Bunny Ears does not provide any other benefits and may be used for vanity.


  • It is the first misc equipment outside of footwear capable of providing jump boost to the players.
  • It was introduced during the Spring Update.
  • The Bunny Ears shares a similar appearance to the ears of the Sad/Happy Rabbit.
  • This item cannot be reclaimed from the Pig or the Happy Rabbit if lost. This is subjected to be fixed in a later patch.


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