Bullets are obtainable items that can be acquired in the Frontier, used as ammunition for certain ranged weapons in-game. The Bullets can be purchased from Gunner Gary in Topple Town at a price of 250 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring Bullets include the following:


There's not much to say about the appearance of Bullets, other than that it's likely made out of copper, lead, and/or steel. Unlike real-life bullets, Bullets made in the Frontier appears to possess a more rounded tip over a sharpened one.

The Bullets can stack on top of pre-existing collections of Bullets, taking up only one inventory slot. The ammunition can serve as ammunition for the following ranged weapons:

If the players do not have any usages for it whatsoever, they may sell it to a selling vendor at a price of 100 gold per 'piece'.


  • Somehow, somewhere, some players confuse Bullets with usable seeds for the Gardening feature.
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