The Brain Toothpaste is a 'harvestable' that was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It is one of the many collectibles that are needed by the players in order to complete the entries of the Itempedia of the Nightmare.

The Brain Toothpaste can be found in The Supermarket, seen on shelves, props, furniture, and objects that can be found throughout the zone. However, its rarity makes it difficult for players to find one in the zone.


In appearance, it is similar to that of the Jerk Toothpaste, except the Brain Toothpaste possesses yellow, purple, and blue streaks on the top and side of the box container. These 'streaks' will glow, making it noticeable from afar as the players explore The Supermarket.

The Brain Toothpaste does not have any usages in-game that will benefit the players, other than to be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 21,299 gold.


  • The Brain Toothpaste is not to be confused with the Jerk Toothpaste, despite their similar appearances.
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