The Bottomdweller is one of the many fish that can be caught and obtained in the Frontier. They are mostly native to the waters of Rubble Spring and the rivers that flows into The Far Coast, but may also be caught from the well in the Black Tower at Celestial Field.


The Bottomdweller is an unusual-looking fish with two eyes portruding from its head. Its body is mostly light-green in appearance, and the fish appears to have three sets of side fins used for swimming and burrowing, and one set of dorsal fin possibly used to allow better streamlined movement while navigating through the waters of Rubble Spring and its rivers. It also possesses a large tail fin at the very end, with its scales being slightly darker than the rest of its body.


Besides being sold at a value of 2,600 gold, an adventurer can turn in Bottomdweller to Slayer at Topple Town in exchange for 26,000 gold (Slayer's Tasks). This can only be exchanged if the adventurer have the task card active and unlocked the Intermediate tier beforehand. An adventurer may also consume the Bottomdweller, restoring 15 HP back to their health pool.


  • Several Bottomdwellers can be seen hung upside-down in the kitchen of Red Ogre Inn.
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