The Bottomdweller is a fish that can be caught and obtained in the Frontier. It can be found from various sources and locations throughout the Frontier including but not limited to:


In appearance, the Bottomdweller is a fish with two eyes protruding from its head. Its body is mostly light-green with three sets of side fins and one set of dorsal fins. It also possesses a large tail fin at the very end, with its scales being slightly darker than the rest of its body. Players can consume the Bottomdweller to restore 15 health points. Players can also exchange 5 Bottomdwellers for 26,000 during the Slayer's Tasks. If the player has no purpose for the Bottomdwellwe, it can be sold for 2,600 gold.


  • Several Bottomdwellers can be seen hung upside-down in the kitchen of Red Ogre Inn.
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