Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Ancient Ogre is a mob that can be found in the Frontier. These Ancient Ogres are usually seen in groups of two or more. They can be found in Frigid Waste or The Long Coast by themselves or in a group. The Ancient Ogre acts similar to the Yellowman and shares similar appearance-based features.

In appearance, these mobs are blue-skinned ogres, not to be confused with the Blue Ogres at Blue Ogre Camp. They are seen with a lack of clothing, other than bandage-like attire and white shorts. They wield a spiky, wooden club that is able to hit the player if they're not careful when wandering through Frigid Waste or its coastlines.


There are two known attacks that an Ancient Ogre will unleash on the players.

  • The Ancient Ogre will wield its club and make an attempt to make a direct hit on the player.
  • The Ancient Ogre will wield its club and spins around to forcefully brush the cold winds against the player, hitting them if they're close to its attack.
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