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(Damage-wise, he's more versatile than the Yellowman. But he's also easier to kill.)
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m (HP change from 700 to 850. Crypt Blade (400) takes 2 hits and a crumb of damage to kill it ((400 x 2) + 50 = 850).)
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Pack of Gum
Pack of Gum
1-3 Scraps|armor__equipment = Dark Ghost Mask|materials = Sapphire|hp = 700|damage = Bash - 425
1-3 Scraps|armor__equipment = Dark Ghost Mask|materials = Sapphire|hp = 850|damage = Bash - 425
Spin - 285
Spin - 285

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  • Alias: Blueman, Ancient Ogre, Blue Fellow

The Blueman can be seen in several locations of the Frontier, most notably common in Frigid Waste (PvP) and Topple Hill. It also makes an appearance on the 22nd floor of the Otherworld Tower, Blue and Yellow Fellows, serving as main obstacles as the player progresses through the dungeon.

It is described to be a blue ogre-like humanoid that is equipped with a spiky club. It also wears straps around its body, as well as a shoulder-pad on one of its shoulders. It also wears a pair of white shorts.


There are four attacks that the Blueman can perform:

  • Bash - Bashes the player's head with its club. It will first charge and jump towards the player before attempting to bash the player's head.
  • Spin - Spins around in a circular motion in an attempt to hit the player multiple times. Players who are hit move much slower for 5 seconds.
  • Swing - Quickly smacks the player with its club.
  • Whack - Whacks the player with its club a little more slowly, attempting to deal more damage.


  • The Blueman is often compared to the Yellowman.
  • The Blueman has a distant, much rarer cousin dubbed the Blueman's Chieftain.
  • It is referenced to as a Blue Fellow according to the floor it is found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • The Blueman is sometimes confused with the Blue Ogre of Blue Ogre Camp.
  • According to the developers, it is officially known as the Blueman. It was once called the Ancient Ogre by the fan community.