The Blue Tonic, shortened down to 'BT', is a consumable (heal-item) intended to be implemented during the development of the Otherworld Update but was later scrapped during late development. It was scrapped in favor of the stackable Dungeon Candies.

According to Spectrabox, the Blue Tonic would allow the players to recharge it in some way, possibly acting as a tool in a sense that could be refilled at any given time.

After the Otherworld Update was released to the game, Fantastic Frontier, players were unable to find any means, sources, or ways to acquire the consumable and as such, it is concluded to be scrapped from the game.


  • During the long development of the Otherworld Update, the Blue Tonic was intended to fill in the role of the Dungeon Candies before it was scrapped.
  • The Blue Tonic can still be seen in-game as a prop in various spots. It is primarily found throughout Blue Ogre Camp.
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