• Alias: Blue Pirate

The Blue Pirates are hostile seafarers, commonly described as a pirate in blue attire. They are typically found near the shipwreck along the coastlines of The Long Coast, near Blue Ogre Camp. It is also possible for them to appear in other locations of the Frontier, such as The Forgotten Lands and Topple Hill.

It also makes an appearance on the 26th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Criminal Alliance, serving as main obstacles as the player progress through the pp.


There are three attacks the Blue Pirate can perform:

  • Charge - Charges towards the player and then quickly jump towards the player, in an attempt to hit the player with its scimitar in the process.
  • Slash - Wields its scimitar in an attempt to slash the player.
  • Swing - Swing its scimitar in front of themselves.


  • Its other variants are the Red Pirate, the Yellow Pirate, and the Green Pirate.
  • It is possible to acquire a Blue Ogrefish from the pirate, referencing its blue attire.
  • The Blue Pirate is a foreigner of an unknown land outside of the Frontier.
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