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The Blue Ogrefish is one of the many fishes that can be acquired in the Frontier. The Blue Ogrefish can be found and acquired from the Forgotten Lake, a lake that can be found between the borders of The Forgotten Lands and Frigid Waste (PvP).

Other viable methods of acquiring the Blue Ogrefish include the following:


The Blue Ogrefish is viewed as a reskin of the Ogrefish. Instead of dark green and brown scales, the Blue Ogrefish possess blue scales. It also possesses red fins and tail, as well as a dull, red belly. Its most distinctive feature is its teeth, being aligned correctly with its jaw, unlike the Ogrefish's teeth.

It is possible for players to exchange the Blue Ogrefish for gold during Slayer's Tasks if the task card is currently active. Players can also consume the Blue Ogrefish in order to restore 35 HP back to their health pools. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 7,500 gold.