The Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is a misc equipment that can be acquired in the Frontier. The only way to acquire the Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is to defeat at least 50 unique opponents in the Blue Ogre Arena at Blue Ogre Camp. Once the player defeated 50 unique opponents, they should interact with the Blue Ogre found on the walls of the arena, more specifically the Blue Ogre Watcher.

When worn, the Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy will sit on the player's shoulders, like its name and description implies. The players will not receive any benefits from the equipment, other than a small companion that travels with the players.

In appearance, the Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is described to be a small blue ogre that possesses a gray bellybutton and mouth, as well as brown shorts, a clothing piece that most Blue Ogres wears.


  • It was introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.
  • The Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy was initially known as the Blue Ogre Doll before it was implemented in-game.
  • It was initially intended to be released during the release of Fantastic Frontier, although it is possible it was accidentally deleted when the release finally came.
  • The Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is the second arena-based reward that players can get from the Blue Ogre Watcher, the other being the Ornate Blue Cape.


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