The Blue Ogre Guide, simply known as the Blue Ogre, is slightly different from the other Blue Ogres that can be found in Blue Ogre Camp. Unlike other Blue Ogres, the NPC acts as the guide for the players for any questions relating to the Blue Ogre Arena.

List of Dialogues

  • "Hi there. Hahah. You fight in arena?"
    1. "How do I fight?"
      1. "Go up to gate, wait till fight is done, then fight! But, others might be waiting first! Don't cut in line!"
    2. "Do I lose my items?"
      1. "You no lose items. Arena is safe. Perhaps a fight, but safe."
    3. "Where do I respawn?"
      1. "You respawn here. Not far."
    4. "Leave"


  • The Blue Ogre Guide is one of the two Blue Ogres in the Blue Ogre Camp that are not sitting down, the other being the Blue Ogre Watcher.
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