Blue Ogre Camp is a coastal safe haven situated on the cliffsides of The Forgotten Lands. Home to the peaceful tribe of the Blue Ogres, their culture is quite similar to the nomadic ogre tribes, with the only exceptions being that the Blue Ogres had established a base of operations where PvP and communications can safely be established on most occasions.


Blue Ogre Arena is the main landmark that adventurers may visit in order to duel against other adventurers if and only if there are two participants at the arena's entrances. Duelists can participate and enter the arena by interacting with the iron-barred doors found on the left and right side of the stairways to the spectator's platform, where they will later be taken inside the arena to demonstrate their might. Once a dueler loses, they will be defeated and respawn at the bridge while the victor earns one victory point that contributes to possible PvP rewards that players can get from the Blue Ogre that watches the duelists from the spectator's platform.

Any questions concerning the Blue Ogre Arena's functionality can be answered by the Blue Ogre standing beside the wooden bridge. Besides that, players may also use the transportation service provided by Captain Finnegan stationed near the wooden bridge, where they can take a flight path to The Town of Right and Wrong or Topple Town.


  • There are no selling vendors that players can interact within Blue Ogre Camp (as of the Spring Update).
  • While still a safe haven, Blue Ogre Camp may be under attack by wandering mobs that get themselves stuck in the ogre settlement, such as the Blackrock Giant.


  • Since the Spring Update, entering Blue Ogre Camp's territories will instead display the title, "Blue Ogre Arena", despite the players not being located within the arena itself.
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