Collectively known as the Blue Ogres, they are a group of NPCs that can be found at Blue Ogre Camp. Unlike the other ogre tribes of the Frontier, the Blue Ogre tribe is passive in comparison to its more hostile cousins.

The Blue Ogre Guide and the Blue Ogre Watcher also falls under this group, since their default name is identical to the rest. However, these two NPCs are categorized as its own separate NPC due to them having at least a role in-game.

All Blue Ogres found within the camp wears little clothing, with the female counterparts possessing an upper chest garment and a pair of brown shorts while the male counterparts only possess a pair of brown shorts. In addition, most of these ogres wields a wooden club.


Blue Ogre 1

  • "Hahaha, welcome. HAHA!" (Variant 1)
  • "HAHAHAHA!" (Variant 2)

Blue Ogre 2

  • "Pirates below are no good. Look out for pirates!"

Blue Ogre 3

  • "I sleep."

Blue Ogre 4

  • "I like fire. But not as much as that ogre." (Variant 1)
  • "You look like a human! Hahah." (Variant 2)

Blue Ogre 5

  • "I'm a big fan of fire. Really big. Hahah." (Variant 1)
  • "You smell of adventure. Hahah." (Variant 2)
  • "FIRE! FIRE!" (Variant 3)


  • Initially during the early development of Fantastic Frontier, the Blue Ogre tribe were intended to be another hostile tribe that players could kill in the Frontier. This, however, was later changed by the time Fantastic Frontier was released to the public.
  • The Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is an item based off on the Blue Ogres.
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