Known as the Blue Ogres, it is a group of NPCs that can be found in the Blue Ogre Camp. Unlike other ogre tribes, the Blue Ogre tribe is passive than its other tribal counterparts, the Red Ogre tribe, the Ogre

tribe, and the Purple Ogre tribe.

List of Dialogues

Blue Ogre 1

  • "Hahaha, welcome. HAHA!"

Blue Ogre 2

  • "Pirates below are no good. Look out for pirates!"

Blue Ogre 3

  • "I sleep."

Blue Ogre 4

  • "I like fire. But not as much as that ogre."
  • "You look like a human! Hahah."

Blue Ogre 5

  • "I'm a big fan of fire. Really big. Hahah."
  • "You smell of adventure. Hahah."
  • "FIRE! FIRE!"


  • During the development of Fantastic Frontier (pre-release), the Blue Ogres were intended to be a hostile mob that players could kill in the Frontier. This was later changed in later development.
  • The Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy is based on the Blue Ogre and was an item intended to be added in-game during the release of Fantastic Frontier.
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