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The Blue Frog is a quest giver that can be found in Red Ogre Inn at Topple Town. The Blue Frog is not to be confused with the Grateful Frog or the Complementary Frog as both of these creatures resembles similar to the Blue Frog.

He is the quest giver of the Frog Quest, a repeatable quest that players can partake in to acquire rare collectibles as rewards in exchange for 5 Grateful Frogs. The collectible given to the player will be a randomized rare collectible, regardless if the player has it in their Itempedia or not.

List of Dialogues

  • "If you ever see a frog like me hanging around, be sure to snag them up. If you bring 5 frogs back here to me I can give you a rare collectible."
  • "Oh how wonderful you've brought me 5 frogs! Would you like to exchange them for a rare collectible?"
    1. "Give me the collectible!"
    2. "I'll keep my frog, thanks."


  • If the player hands over the 5 Grateful Frogs, the player is essentially giving away the frogs' freedoms in exchange for a collectible. The cycle of a frog's life can be cruel. This was confirmed by Spectrabox after a player asked them about the whereabouts of the Grateful Frogs that are exchanged to the Blue Frog.