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The Blue Farmer is one of the three grandsons of Granny Fields located at Farm Fortress, the other grandsons being the Red Farmer and the Yellow Farmer. The NPC can be found inside the garrison of Fronand Frobeet'zo, on a wooden platform.

The Blue Farmer plays an essential role in the Farm Fortress Defense Quest, serving as one of three objective carriers that players would participate in while performing the quest. The objective that the Blue Farmer tasks the players with is to collect a Bass, an item that can be reeled from the waters of Topple Lake.

As his title implies, the Blue Farmer is a farmer in blue attire.

List of Dialogues

  • "Hey kid, I'm still hungry. Heh."
  • "That was one tasty fish. I'll get to work soon. I'm sure. Heh."
  • "Heh."


  • No one questions whether or not the Blue Farmer even cooks the Bass the player gives. Ever.