• Tchan360

    Zodsword Special Animation

    October 23, 2019 by Tchan360

    Here's the special animation for the Zodsword

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  • Tchan360

    Here's a better image of the philmore's helm on a character, not sure if you'll see this but I'll give it a shot. Also I would like to do more minor contributions like this one because it's fun.

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  • Nickel.Guy31


    September 25, 2019 by Nickel.Guy31

    the title is clickbait why did you even click this xd

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  • Bluerock

    Wiki Manager introduction

    September 11, 2019 by Bluerock

    Hi! My name is Bluerock, and I’m the Wiki Manager for the Fantastic Frontier -Roblox Wiki. I am here to help the community and serve as a liaison to Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., feel free to drop me a message! My focus here is mostly technical, so if you have a question about article content, you'd likely get a better answer from a local admin.

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  • Tchan360

    So finals for me are next week and I'm a little spooked. My History teacher has given me about 20 pages in total of work to do and Financial Literacy I have to do probably even more. Stress is building up and maybe I'm doing this to relieve some of it but it doesn't matter because I like reviewing games or things in games.

    Fantastic Frontier is probably my favorite game so far in Roblox. I appreciate the amount of detail put into each character and the difficulty of the game. The world seems so vast when you first begin but much smaller as you play the game. In this review (if you can even call it a review), I'm going to go over a lot of stuff that I can make out from the top of my head and talk about each and every one. Disclaimer: These a…

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  • PhoenixEvolver

    Gold Headpiece

    True Spectral Vanguard Helmet and Leggings

    Ranger's Backpack

    Xenoculous or Brain Monocole

    High Tower ring

    Tri Color Necklace

    Guardian Set, lower legs

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  • Erimpy

    new mob/entity?

    April 23, 2019 by Erimpy

    During my play hours on fantastic frontier, I came across a very weird looking entity in the nightmare located in the pink room of the old mansion through the access of the pink door (which need a pink button to activate). Although I didn't have the image of the entity itself but I do hope my description of this entity is clear enough for viewer's to identify this thing.

    the entity appear to be a ball held up by a stand of two legs colored in typical wooden brown. The ball appear to be completely circular and has the exact same color, pattern and texture of the portal you travel through from the Black tower house in the town of Right and Wrong to Topple town.

    In the second of exposing my character towards this entity it shoots out geometric …

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  • Kennethlon14

    Wiki x Devs Discussion

    January 20, 2019 by Kennethlon14

    A blog post where you get to see what I ask/discuss with Spectrabox. Mainly Spectrabox.

    • All of the exploiters that include but are not limited to:
      • AaronsEmeralds
      • aquilance123
      • explante
      • Fazegues_t
      • GodlyTheCommie
      • iiEatAasii
      • kazakisquad
      • LostAFforAname
      • MegabloxCDC
      • Megaldon66
      • mikhailcute
      • Necr0Mancer_V2
      • NovaVen
      • robiox4567894
      • SH4D3MK3R
      • SmokYTpErFeCt
      • thedragon17810
      • TrueZeddy
      • vasilyzaytsevrussian
      • wooweaz12
      • xb9112
      • xxxxsniparsxxx4

    • Reward table of The Deli's minigame

    • "Are players supposed to be able to consume fishes with bonus statistics if they are not injured whatsoever?"
    • "Is it supposedly possible to get a Rusty Trophy from the Green Golem?"
    • "Is the Guttermouth Set really that rare from the Rising Waters?"
    • "The Flying Clown's projectile attacks are intended to drop things?"
    • "W…

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  • 1rubberducky2

    Hello! This is the place where I put my maps, write down what I need to do etc. If you would like for me to make a map about something, comment it and link me to the page of what you want me to add!

    • Grateful Frog Locations Map
    • Rising Star Mushroom Locations Map
    • Otherworld Present Locations Map
    • Object From Earth
    • RH spawns

    • Strangeman Spawns

      • Otherworldly Knight
      • Inspector
      • Two-Eyed Monstrosity
      • Green Ghost
      • Purple Ogre
      • Esteemed Gumbo
      • Golden Spore Mole
      • Blueman's Chieftan
      • Rat Boy

      • Iron Knight
      • Cobalt Knight
      • Titanium Knight
      • Gold Knight
      • Onyx Knight

      • Pine Giant
      • Blackrock Giant
      • Coral Giant
      • Golem
    • Interdimensional Traveller
    • Gorbacabbage
    • Lool Flower
    • Fife Flower

    • Glow Bird
    • Forgotten Bird

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  • Quizix

    Quintin's To Do List

    August 9, 2018 by Quizix

    Aye, this is super awesome checklist where someone meaning me hopefully will cross out things and do stuff on the wiki, babababa

    • Finish the Nightmare Map

    • Create new articles for Housing

    • Create an article on Master's Cape's
    • Create an article on Eyes of the Sword
    • Create an article on Ranger's Backpack
    • Revamp Photo's about Spirit
    • Create an article on Spider Stilts
    • Create an article on Ancient Dragon Horns
    • Create an article on Yaaxil Crest
    • Create an article on  X<s>enoculous</s>
    • Create an article on Big Orange Eyes​​​​​​
    • Create an article on Ornate Blue Cape
    • Create an article on Antennae
    • Create an article on Yaaxil Flame 
    • Create an article on Tall Anthony
    • Update Avatar Customization
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  • SkellTheGlowBird

    So you guys might know me for being super lucky with rare birds and such. I get asked a lot for help on how to find these birds. So this will be my blog on essentially how to find glow bird, forgotten bird, keemal, and black Dragonbird.

    This will be ordered hardest to easiest.

    Glow Bird: Grab a gun (obviously) and bullets. Get no fog glitch and head to the mazewood. Once there search the mazewood, if the bird is not there you must go to the pits. If the bird is not there go back to the mazewood repeat the cycle until you go absolutely insane, or you finally find one.


    Keemal: party in dragon frontier all day, you'll find it.

    Black Dragonbird: not rare at all just party in dragon frontie…

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  • Kennethlon14

    Hi, this is a checklist where I cross out things and do stuff on the wiki, yayayayaya. If you want to suggest something, comment on the blog post. For those who are content moderators and happens to be reading this, yes, you can do whatever is on the list. Just inform me.

    Things that are categorized under the Time-Consuming Contributions heading aren't necessarily time-consuming, it's just things that require a large amount of effort and time to do so. It may also be things where things are being merged together into one article, transferring into another article, and/or happens to be a subject of importance that needs a lot of research.

    • Create an article about the Itempedia; acting as a factual-based article, as well as a tip guide.

    • Combine …

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  • Kennethlon14

    These are the most frequently asked questions and answers that are typically directed towards the wiki, while also sometimes discussing things outside of the Fantastic Frontier's wiki, like the Fantastic Frontier's ROBLOX group, Discord server, or the game itself.

    • Are the administrators and moderators of the Fantastic Frontier's Discord server in-game admins for Fantastic Frontier?
    • No.
    • I was banned from the server for absolutely no reason, could you unban me?
    • All bans have a reason attached to it and on most occasions, there are no reasons attached to the specific ban. However, the most common reasons for a ban include but not limited to:
      • Violation of a rule
      • Posting NSFW content
      • Spamming channels/flooding
      • Advertisement
      • Backlashing on the moderation…

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  • Kennethlon14


    May 15, 2018 by Kennethlon14

    A place to host polls that will be shared among the community of Fantastic Frontier.

    Polls will be held whenever, but typically occurs on Monday or Tuesdays.

    Official start date of the creation of polls is May 16, 2018 at around 7:27 PM EST.

    Poll #1

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  • Kennethlon14

    This will list and discuss all, if not, most of the suggestions that were suggested by the community of Fantastic Frontier. Some of them seem very controversial and debatable, while others can easily slide into the positive side of the majority's votes. This is to preserve more pins in the FF's Discord server, specifically in the #game-suggestions, allowing more suggestions to be pinned on the server every now and then. Suggestions that are highlighted in bold are considered to be suggestions that can be seen in-game.

    All of the known listed suggestions that are considered to be very controversial and debatable.

    • Trading

    All of the known listed suggestions that are not necessarily bad ideas, but they are not good ideas either. This may also in…

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  • Ebk200530122222222222


    February 8, 2018 by Ebk200530122222222222

    The End !

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  • Ebk200530122222222222

    How I received the pen Forgotten pen. It all started with connecting to the server, in short, I destroyed the boss of Coral and, in short, I filled all the slots, I go to the castle, and there flies a bird, this is the magic of the fire, and I and I had 2.546.432g number). I buy electric magic, the end and who listened to this guy! (I'm not an Englishman or an American)

    I know that this is not interesting, it's useless. But there is a reasonable explanation - "This is lazy laziness"

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  • Basil Stove

    Tall Bear attcked !

    October 27, 2017 by Basil Stove

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