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Blackrock Mountain is a massive area that can be found in the Frontier. It is a range of mountains and peaks that stretches throughout various locations of the Frontier. It is mostly consisted of gradual small mountain ranges, while also having some areas reserved to larger, steep mountain ranges. Blackrock Mountain shares borders with several areas that include but not limited to:

There are various landmarks that are worth noting while exploring the zone such as Abandoned Tent, Black Anthills, Blackrock Mountain's Portal, Blackrock Pond, Enchanted Jewels, Eyes of the Mountain, Nevesy's Tent, Peak of the Mountain, and The Spider's Nest.

Blackrock Mountain is a popular hub that players will visit to perform a variety of activities such as fishing at Blackrock Pond, farming the Corrupted Wizard boss in The Spider's Nest and many more activities.


Blackrock Mountain is a large rocky area where you can find many birds flying around the scattered trees. The collection of Birds that can be found here consists of Blackbird, Black Dragonbird, Blackrock Bird, Bluenal, Dust Raptor, Forgotten Bird, Keemal, Kooma, Laurel Bird, Spirit Bird, and lastly the Weatherbird.


There is a large assortment of harvestables that can be found here such as Angry Bushdweller, Bobber Mushroom, Brain Mushroom, Grateful Frog, Grugbug Mushroom, Lemon Flower, Lool Flower, Moon Mushroom, Pearl Flower, Portabato Mushroom, Purple Balloon Mushroom, Rising Star Mushroom, Rozier Flower, Spurtle Mushroom, Target Mushroom, and lastly The Object From Earth


Within Blackrock Mountain adventurers can fish in Blackrock Pond and catch any of the following fish Algae Worm, Baltimore Worm, Blackrock Skimmerfish, Enemy Reefdweller, Goliath Algae Worm, Rock Carp, Sniffer Fish, Stone Slime, and finally The Fish That Traveled Through Time.


There is a large abundance of mobs that can be found within the rocky borders of Blackrock Mountain including Black Ant, Blackrock Giant, Blackrock Wolf, Blueman, Blueman's Chieftain, Cellery, Croc Man, Dark Ghost, Esteemed Gumbo, Eyeball Alien, Forest Walker, Ghost, Green Ghost, Grey Rabbit, Gumbo, Inspector, Magma Knight, Monstrosity, Mushroom Head, Otherworldly Knight, Ratboy, Ratdog, Red Croc Man, Red Ogre, Two-Eyed Monstrosity, Whapper, Whisperer, and finally the Yellowman. The enemies in Blackrock Mountain are a very diverse group, there is a mix of high difficulty mobs and low difficulty mobs. It is recommended that adventurers take caution when venturing into Blackrock Mountain.


NPCs that can be found in the area consist of Amy Thistlewitch, Nevesytnewt'cisum Llatcitah'wstaht, Spirit of the Mountain, and the Interdimensional Traveler.


  • It remains as one of the many map areas that players often visit due to the variety of activities that can be performed in the zone.
  • It is a possible reference to Blackrock Mountain from World of Warcraft, where the Firelord Ragnaros and the Black Dragon Nefarian quarrel.
  • It may also be based on an expansion/adventure in the critically acclaimed Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.
  • Since the Otherworld Update, Blackrock Mountain quickly became popular due to the variety of mobs that players can kill in order to acquire 'good loot'.
  • Blackrock Giant, Whappers, Eyeball Aliens, Dark Ghosts, Blackrock Wolves, Whisperers, and Red Ogres were all natural inhabitants of the Frontier before the events of the Otherworld Update occurred.
  • When looked at from a distance, Blackrock Mountain forms the shape of a face, with the Eyes of the Mountain predictably representing the eyes, and the entrance to the Spider's Nest depicting the mouth.
  • The Blackrock Pond has an average reel waiting time of 15.5 seconds (~4 with Captain's Fishing Rod), being one of the lowest in the game.