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The Bird Nest is a miscellaneous item that can be found on Matumada. It can be found from various sources and locations throughout Matumada including but not limited to:


In appearance, the Bird Nest is a bird nest made out of twigs and brush. There are three eggs that can be seen inside the nest possessing the colors pink, green, and blue respectively. Players have the option to open the Bird Nest to receive one random bird egg. Once the Bird Nest is used in this way, it will disappear from the player's inventory. If the player has no purpose for the Bird Nest, it can be sold for 8,000 gold.

Drop Rates

The Bird Nest can be used to uncover a variety of bird eggs needed to fill in the entries of the Featherpedia. These include the following:

Information regarding its probability chances can be found below:

  • 15.78% chance for Bird Egg (240/1520)
  • 15.78% chance for Dull Green Bird Egg (240/1520)
  • 13.15% chance for Sky Bird Egg (200/1520)
  • 13.15% chance for Ruby Bird Egg (200/1520)
  • 13.15% chance for Farm Bird Egg (200/1520)
  • 9.86% chance for Dinosaur Bird Egg (150/1520)
  • 6.57% chance for Sunshine Bird Egg (100/1520)
  • 6.57% chance for Moon Bird Egg (100/1520)
  • 3.28% chance for Baleful Bird Egg (50/1520)
  • 1.64% chance for Dragon Bird Egg (25/1520)
  • 0.65% chance for Nebula Bird Egg (10/1520)
  • 0.26% chance for Golden Bird Egg (4/1520)
  • 0.06% chance for Flying Man Totem (1/1520)


  • It was introduced during the Spring Update.