Big Box is a well-known figure that can be found in the town square of Topple Town. Big Box is well-known for being the selling vendor found in the sanctuary of Topple Town. His other counterpart, Little Chelli, can be found in The Town of Right and Wrong.

As his title implies, the word Big comes from his size, while the word Box is the root of the main developer's name, Spectrabox.

If the player interacts with Big Box, they can sell their loot to Big Box in exchange for gold, allowing them to progress through the game.

It is also possible to sell items that will be exchanged with 0 gold, such as the Master Capes and Firefly Stones, items and collectibles that can't be sold for gold.


  • Big Box is a reference to Spectrabox's position in Fantastic Frontier, the lead developer.
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