Bele Al'thor is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, The Town of Right and Wrong. He can be found under a tree near The Great Eyeman.

His name 'Bele' possibly derives from the word bélé. Bélé is known as a folk dance and music from Martinique, Dominica, Saint Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. It may be the oldest Creole dance from Dominica, and it strongly reflects the influences of African fertility dances. It is performed most commonly during full moon evenings, or sometimes during funeral wakes. This is quite interesting as Bele Al'thor had claimed he once used to be a farmer, and if we consider the meaning of bélé, it strongly reflects from African fertility dances and fertility is often associated with soil and farmers.

The last name Al'thor probably relates to Thor. In Greek mythology, Thor is depicted as a hammer-wielding god with thunder, lightning, war, and storms. It is also known that he also depicts hallowing and fertility, which seems to suits well with his appearance and character as a whole.

List of Dialogues

  • "See that giant Eyeman? He sells all sorts of armor."
  • "I used to be a farmer. Now I've adopted this town's way of life."
  • "I feel a strange presence in this town."


  • He is sometimes confused with the NPC, Bogo Joholo, both NPCs having similar appearances.
  • One of his dialogues discusses a strange presence within the sanctuary. This may be a possible reference to the easter egg 'Dr. Seuss'. It's also a possible reference to the Strange Guard.
  • He could be a reference to "Belethor", which is a character from The Elder Scrolls.
  • Al'Thor could be a reference to the epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time
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