The Bass is one of the many fishes that can be acquired in the Frontier. The Bass can be reeled in from the following bodies of waters:

The Bass can also be obtained as a possible gift from the Interdimensional Traveler.


As its name implies, the Bass shares nearly identical resemblances to a real-life bass, however, it is smaller in size. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall looks.

The Bass can be acquired for one of the main objectives of the Farm Fortress Defense Quest, in exchange for 3,000 gold after turning it in to the Blue Farmer in Farm Fortress. The fish can also be consumed by the players in order to restore 11 HP back to their health pools. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 180 gold.


  • As Bass is very common in Topple Lake, it is arguably the easiest fish to find in Fantastic Frontier.
  • The Bass is a 'very cheap' fish, commonly given to players by the Interdimensional Traveler.
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