Bandit Jack is one of the many inhabitants that can be found in the Gnome Magic School, located in Topple Town. The NPC can be found standing on the walls of the Gnome Magic School, specifically where the gates of the Gnome Magic School can be found at.

The NPC is well-known for being the objective carrier of the Arnold Slime Quest where he asks the player to deliver a letter back to Arnold Slime.

List of Dialogues

  • "Keep it down! I can't be seen up here, ya know?"
    1. "Why are you hiding up here?"
      1. "Hiding? Who said I was hiding? I'm just layin' low, that's all."
    2. "Where can I buy weapons?"
      1. "Weapons eh? You're in luck. My good friend Gary can help you with that. Hop over this railing behind me and head in the top floor of the orange building. You'll find Gary there."
    3. "Leave"


  • Bandit Jack is one of the few bandits that works for Arnold Slime where both members can mutually cooperate with one another easily.
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