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Similar to armor and clothing, Back Equipment is displayed in the back slot. Most back equipment is typically cosmetic items that players can wear, although there are some that provide a variety of stats that players can benefit from. Basic back equipment is usually acquired from the Clothing Seller, while also being obtained via other sources, such as the Arbewhy, Linkman the Junkman, and Collectus.

List of Back Equipment

Angel Wings.png
Bird Master's Cape.png
Black Cape.png
Blue Cape.png
Dark Angel Wings.png
Eyes of the Sword.png
Fish Master's Cape.png
Green Cape.png
Monster Master's Cape.png
Nature Master's Cape.png
Odd Cape.png
Ornate Blue Cape.png
Ornate Red Cape.png
Ranger's Backpack.png
Red Cape.png
White Cape.png
Yellow Cape.png