Awoken Croc Carl is a food vendor that can be found at Farm Fortress. He's not to be confused with the Croc Man, a hostile group of croc men that can be killed by players. He sells the Asparagus Slug and Bread.


These are the dialogues of the Awoken Croc Carl.

  • "SSSS-Say! How do you do? Welcome to my little restaurant."
  • The player will be allowed to choose from two options. Choosing the first option will automatically direct you to the shop.
  • Second Option (Player): "Aren't you one of those bad croc guys?"
  • Second Option (Awoken Croc Carl): "Augh! Come on. Not all crocs are so bad. I happen to be the Awoken Croc. And I just run this place."
  • Continuing with the second option's dialogue will take you to two other options.
  1. "Not many people here."
  • "SSSS-Sadly I don't get much business with that big hat over in Farm Fortress starting his own food business-ssssSSSS. Don't remind me, augh!"
  1. "YOU CAN TALK?"
  • "Augh. Come on! I've been talking this whole time!"
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