Awoken Croc Carl is a vendor that can be found inside his inn at Farm Fortress, located further inland near the borders of Blackrock Mountain. The NPC is not to be confused with the Croc Man or the Red Croc Man, hostile croc specimens that can kill and be killed by players.

The vendor is only known for selling the Asparagus Slug, notoriously famous for its randomized prices. The vendor also sells Bread.

List of Dialogues

  • "SSSS-Say! How do you do? Welcome to my little restaurant."
    1. "I want to shop."
    2. "Aren't you one of those bad croc guys?"
      • "Augh! Come on. Not all crocs are so bad. I happen to be the Awoken Croc. And I just run this place."
        • "Not many people here."
          • "SSSS-Sadly I don't get much business with that big hat over in Farm Fortress starting his own food business-ssssSSSS. Don't remind me, augh!"
        • "YOU CAN TALK?"
          • "Augh. Come on! I've been talking this whole time!"
    3. "Leave"


  • Since Carl is a Croc Man, he gets very offended when mixed up with the hostile variants.
  • Carl can easily get angry when common sense is not used in front of him, hinting that he may be sharp or at the very least, more intelligent than one would notice.
  • He runs his business known as Carl's Delicacies.
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