Awoken Croc Carl is a vendor that can be found inside the mini-inn at Farm Fortress. He is not to be confused with the Croc Man, hostile croc specimens that can kill and be killed by players. He is known for running the mini-inn known as Carl's Delicacies that sells the Asparagus Slug, notorious for its randomized prices, as well as a loaf of Bread. There are two other NPCs inside Carl's Delicacies, which is a Goon wearing orange clothing, and the Red Farmer, who is notable for being one of the three task givers for the Farm Fortress Defense Quest.

The name Carl means "strong man" or "free man." The definition free man suits the character of Awoken Croc Carl as a whole as he claimed that not all crocs are not so bad and he just happened to be the Awoken Croc, and by being awake, you are capable of having free will.

Players can interact with Awoken Croc Carl, allowing them to gain access to different dialogues. Here are the dialogues:

"SSSS-Say! How do you do? Welcome to my little restaurant."

It is noted that the Awoken Croc Carl greets the players to his little restaurant and asks how do they do. It also appears that he has a long duration of time saying words that start with the letter "S" if it's the beginning word. There are three options that the players can choose. Here are the options:

Player's First Option: "I want to shop."

This will directly take the player to the shop screen showing only two items that can be purchased, the Asparagus Slug and a loaf of Bread.

Player's Second Option: "Aren't you one of those bad croc guys?"

  • Response: "Augh! Come on. Not all crocs are so bad. I happen to be the Awoken Croc. And I just run this place."

It appears that Awoken Croc Carl is somewhat annoyed by the player's assumptions. He then states that not all crocs are so bad and he just so happened to be the Awoken Croc. He also implies that he runs the restaurant that the players is currently in. After the player had read this piece of dialogue, they are given two more options to choose from. Here are the options:

Player's Second Option (1): "Not many people here."

  • Response: "SSSS-Sadly I don't get much business with that big hat over in Farm Fortress starting his own food business-ssssSSSS. Don't remind me, augh!"

It is clear that the Awoken Croc Carl is commenting on how he does not have a lot of customers due to how Fronand Frobeet'zo started his own food business that attracts the attention of a lot more customers, like the players, due to his cheap prices. It seems that he dislikes Fronand Frobeet'zo as he begins to get frustrated to not remind him about it.

Player's Second Option (2): "YOU CAN TALK?"

  • Response: "Augh. Come on! I've been talking this whole time!"

The Awoken Croc Carl is annoyed by the player's question on his capabilities of speaking. This can be seen as he had been talking to the player the whole time they had been interacting him, and further shows more annoyance about the question. This may have trying to reference on what Arnold Slime had to say, where Arnold Slime tells the player to think twice about what they have to say.

Player's Third Option: "Leave"

This simply ends the entire conversation between the players and Awoken Croc Carl, exiting the player's dialogue screen to allow them to continue whatever they were supposedly doing.

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