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Awoken Croc Carl is a vendor found in Farm Fortress. He runs the Carl's Delicacies, a small inn found in a building further inland of Farm Fortress.

The vendor is well-known for the varying prices it attaches to the Asparagus Slug on a daily basis. Carl also sells Bread at a cheaper price when comparing the price with Chef Boswell's price.


Awoken Croc Carl is a croc-like humanoid with murky-green, scaly skin. He possesses purple eyes and a large jaw with several teeth protruding out of his mouth. His attire composes of tattered rags stitched together, very similar to the ones that the hostile Crocs wears on their bodies. He also possesses a rather large, green waist belt, as well as a funky-looking green sunhat.


  • "SSSS-Say! How do you do? Welcome to my little restaurant." (Greeting)
  1. "I want to shop." (Option 1)
  2. "Aren't you one of those bad croc guys?" (Option 2)
    • "Augh! Come on. Not all crocs are so bad. I happen to be the Awoken Croc. And I just run this place." (Response)
      • "Not many people here." (Option 2.1)
        • "SSSS-Sadly I don't get much business with that big hat over in Farm Fortress starting his own food business-ssssSSSS. Don't remind me, augh!" (Response 2.1)
      • "YOU CAN TALK?" (Option 2.2)
        • "Augh. Come on! I've been talking this whole time!" (Response 2.2)
  3. "Leave" (Option 3)