When a player first joins Fantastic Frontier, they are allowed to perform any actions in the Frontier; exploring, killing, harvesting, etc. They are started off with a default character, including a default hairstyle, weapon, and outfit. They can change their avatar's appearance midway through their adventures, visiting shops that provide weapons, armor sets, clothing, and hair and skin customizations.

Since the Otherworld Update, the introduction of vanity slots enables players to be able to customize their avatars without feeling limited, using it for two main reasons: Fashion and Battlegear-switching.

  • Fashion - The player wears cosmetic items to show off their avatar's looks in an attempt to display skill in fashion and/or simply wearing things for bragging rights.
  • Battlegear-switching - The player wears certain armor pieces and sets in different kinds of situations, leaning towards utility and 'battle mechanics'. For example, a player wearing a Romo Set while fighting the Parasite in Rabbit Hole, then switching back to their Forgotten Life Set after defeating the Parasite to perform other tasks/objectives in-game.


  • Straight Stairway (Front View)
  • Straight Stairway (Back View)
  • Polished Tuft (Front View)
  • Polished Tuft (Back View)
  • Messy (Front View)
  • Messy (Back View)
  • Smooth Point (Front View)
  • Smooth Point (Back View)
  • Tough Tuft (Front View)
  • Tough Tuft (Back View)
  • Short Arch (Front View)
  • Short Arch (Back View)
  • Showered Comb (Front View)
  • Showered Comb (Back View)
  • Straight n' Long (Front View)
  • Straight n' Long (Back View)
  • Ponytail (Front View)
  • Ponytail (Back View)
  • Long Combed (Front View)
  • Long Combed (Back View)
  • Olde Comb (Front View)
  • Olde Comb (Back View)
  • Tied Ponytail (Front View)
  • Tied Ponytail (Back View)
  • Long n' Wild (Front View)
  • Long n' Wild (Back View)
  • Pigtails (Front View)
  • Pigtails (Back View)
  • Mushroom Bun (Front View)
  • Mushroom Bun (Back View)
  • Messy Shave (Front View)
  • Messy Shave (Back View)
  • Tower Afro (Front View)
  • Tower Afro (Back View)
These are all of the currently known hairstyles that players can customize their characters' hairs from Harris, the barber at Topple Town. All of these hairstyles' names are nicknamed based on the features it looks similar to and is not the official names. This slideshow will showcase the front and back views of each hairstyle that players can style their hair from Harris.

Hair Colors

  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Dry Green
  • Elder Gray
  • Gray
  • Light Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Light Gray
  • Light Orange
  • Light Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Sierra Brown
  • Subtle White
  • Titanium Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Yellowish White

These are all of the currently known hair colors that players can customize their characters' hairs from Harris, the barber at Topple Town. All of these hair colors' names are nicknamed based off on the color they look similar to and is not the official names. This slideshow will showcase all of the currently known hair colors alphabetically.

Skin Colors

These are all of the currently known skin colors that players can customize their characters' skins from Harris, the barber at Topple Town. All of these skin colors' names are numerically organized based on the similar shades they share or to differentiate from other skin colors. This slideshow will showcase all of the currently known skin colors in no given order.

Full Armor Sets

This section will act as a gallery that will showcase all of the available armor sets that players can purchase and use to show off their skills in fashion/style:


Armor sets that are strictly based on ores/minerals in-game. At the top will display the normal ore-based armor set. Below will display the ore-based armor set with its specific royal helmet.

  • Bronze SetGo to Bronze Set
  • Royal Bronze Set
  • Iron SetGo to Iron Set
  • Royal Iron Set
  • Cobalt SetGo to Cobalt Set
  • Royal Cobalt Set
  • Titanium SetGo to Titanium Set
  • Royal Titanium Set
  • Gold SetGo to Gold Set
  • Royal Gold Set
  • Onyx SetGo to Onyx Set
  • Royal Onyx Set


Armor sets that were introduced during the launch of Fantastic Frontier.

  • Blue Wizard SetGo to Blue Wizard Set
  • Brash Knight SetGo to Brash Knight Set
  • Celestial Moon SetGo to Celestial Moon Set
  • Courting Knight SetGo to Courting Knight Set
  • Dark Hunter SetGo to Dark Hunter Set
  • Darkwood Warrior SetGo to Darkwood Warrior Set
  • Furnace Mummy SetGo to Furnace Mummy Set
  • Galaxy Wizard SetGo to Galaxy Wizard Set
  • Guardian SetGo to Guardian Set
  • Hardened Bronze SetGo to Hardened Bronze Set
  • Hedge Knight SetGo to Hedge Knight's Set
  • Illuminator SetGo to Illuminator Set
  • Ivory SetGo to Ivory Set
  • Jade Assassin SetGo to Jade Assassin's Set
  • Lagoon Spirit SetGo to Lagoon Spirit Set
  • Mortmud SetGo to Mortmud Set
  • Patched SetGo to Patched Set
  • Razed General SetGo to Razed General Set
  • Red Wizard SetGo to Red Wizard Set
  • Riveted SetGo to Riveted Set
  • Skeleton SetGo to Skeleton Set
  • Spikeout SetGo to Spikeout Set
  • Springtwig SetGo to Springtwig Set
  • Tomb Prowler SetGo to Tomb Prowler Set
  • Void Monster SetGo to Void Monster Set
  • Woodland Ranger SetGo to Woodland Ranger Set
  • Zhuulaczar SetGo to Zhuulaczar Set


Armor sets that were introduced during the Otherworld Update.

  • Chasm Magus SetGo to Chasm Magus Set
  • Crabsuit SetGo to Crabsuit Set
  • Gardendweller SetGo to Gardendweller Set
  • Gauntlet Fury SetGo to Gauntlet Fury Set
  • Guild Knight SetGo to Guild Knight Set
  • Knight's Army SetGo to Knight's Army Set
  • Odewig SetGo to Odewig Set
  • Pettyganger's Parade SetGo to Pettyganger's Parade Set
  • Poison Construct SetGo to Poison Construct Set
  • Rotted King's SetGo to Rotted King's Set
  • Spellbound Mage SetGo to Spellbound Mage Set
  • The Earth King Regalia SetGo to The Earth King Regalia Set
  • The Forgotten Things SetGo to The Forgotten Things Set
  • The Vengeful Visage SetGo to The Vengeful Visage Set
  • Tower Armor SetGo to Tower Armor Set
  • Void Lord SetGo to Void Lord Set
  • Wolfram Leader SetGo to Wolfram Leader Set
  • World Sculptor SetGo to World Sculptor Set

1.10 (Fishing)

Armor sets that were introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.

  • Aquatic Explorer SetGo to Aquatic Explorer Set
  • Forgotten Life SetGo to Forgotten Life Set
  • New Voice SetGo to New Voice Set
  • Romo SetGo to Romo Set
  • Wisecrack SetGo to Wisecrack Set
  • Woodwhack Legionnaire SetGo to Woodwhack Legionnaire Set

Ratboy's Nightmare

Armor sets that were introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, 1.21 (Halloween) Update, and/or Nightmare Boss Update.

  • Bedrock SetGo to Bedrock Set
  • Black Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • Blue Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • Corrupted Gold SetGo to Corrupted Gold Set
  • Corrupted Onyx SetGo to Corrupted Onyx Set
  • Falling Light SetGo to Falling Light Set
  • Fire Spellbound Mage SetGo to Fire Spellbound Mage Set
  • Green Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • Guttermouth SetGo to Guttermouth Set
  • Ice Spellbound Mage SetGo to Ice Spellbound Mage Set
  • Nightmare Prowler SetGo to Nightmare Prowler Set
  • Pantry Leech SetGo to Pantry Leech Set
  • Purple Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • Rising Dark SetGo to Rising Dark Set
  • Roadblocks SetGo to Roadblocks Set
  • True Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • U-Life SetGo to U-Life Set
  • White Spectral Vanguard SetGo to Spectral Vanguard Armor Sets
  • Wired Fury SetGo to Wired Fury Set


Armor sets that were introduced during the Spring Update.

  • Adventurer's Armor SetGo to Adventurer's Armor Set
  • Drillbit SetGo to Drillbit Set
  • Fire Guild Knight SetGo to Fire Guild Knight Set
  • Machine Rug SetGo to Machine Rug Set
  • Water Guild Knight SetGo to Water Guild Knight Set

Armor Pieces

This section will act as a gallery to showcase all of the armor pieces of Fantastic Frontier.


  • Black SupershoesGo to Black Supershoes
  • Clown ShoesGo to Clown Shoes
  • Dark Powerboots
  • Golden Powerboots
  • Green Powerboots
  • Grey Supershoes
  • Jump BootsGo to Jump Boots
  • Nightmare BootsGo to Nightmare Boots
  • Otherworld BootsGo to Otherworld Boots
  • Phantom BootsGo to Phantom Boots
  • Red Supershoes
  • Spider StiltsGo to Spider Stilts
  • Tag Red LazerGo to Tag Red Lazer

Head Equipment

  • BricklandGo to Brickland
  • Clever CubeGo to Clever Cube
  • Corrupted Wizard's HelmetGo to Corrupted Wizard's Helmet
  • Cosmic Ghost MaskGo to Cosmic Ghost Mask
  • Crescent CoralheadGo to Crescent Coralhead
  • Criminal's TallhatGo to Criminal's Tallhat
  • Dark Ghost MaskGo to Dark Ghost Mask
  • Detour ConeGo to Detour Cone
  • Far North MaskGo to Far North Mask
  • Fashion HatGo to Fashion Hat
  • FearGo to Fear
  • Ghost MaskGo to Ghost Mask
  • GoldGo to Gold
  • Hive CrownGo to Hive Crown
  • Kitchen CubeGo to Kitchen Cube
  • Krunkston FourGo to Krunkston Four
  • Magic Fox HeaddressGo to Magic Fox Headdress
  • MaskhatGo to Maskhat
  • Mining HelmetGo to Mining Helmet
  • MinionGo to Minion
  • Monster MaskGo to Monster Mask
  • Neon Flint's CapGo to Neon Flint's Cap
  • Nightingale MaskGo to Nightingale Mask
  • Nightmare VisageGo to Nightmare Visage
  • Oculus AdcuratusGo to Oculus Adcuratus
  • Otherworld SlugGo to Otherworld Slug
  • Outlaw's CapGo to Outlaw's Cap
  • Philmore's HelmetGo to Philmore's Helmet
  • Plain FishmaskGo to Plain Fishmask
  • Plasma Ghost MaskGo to Plasma Ghost Mask
  • Propaganda HeadGo to Propaganda Head
  • PunkGo to Punk
  • PuzzleheadGo to Puzzlehead
  • Red Yesterday HatGo to Red Yesterday Hat
  • Strangeman's MaskGo to Strangeman's Mask
  • Tall AnthonyGo to Tall Anthony
  • Von Jerry's Hat of IllusionGo to Von Jerry's Hat of Illusion
  • Yaaxil FlameGo to Yaaxil Flame

Torso Pieces

  • BandolierGo to Bandolier
  • Court Jester Shirt
  • Green-Black JacketGo to Green-Black Jacket
  • The Drake's ShirtGo to The Drake's Shirt

Leg Pieces

  • Court Jester Pants
  • The Drake's PantsGo to The Drake's Pants

Back Equipment

All currently-known back equipment will be showcased below. The slideshow gallery will start from Basic Capes in color-based orders, unique back equipment in alphabetical order, and finally, the Master Capes.

  • Red Cape
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Cape
  • Blue Cape
  • Black Cape
  • White Cape
  • Angel WingsGo to Angel Wings
  • Dark Angel WingsGo to Dark Angel Wings
  • DreamnetGo to Dreamnet
  • Emperor's CapeGo to Emperor's Cape
  • Eyes of the SwordGo to Eyes of the Sword
  • Meeting RemnantGo to Meeting Remnant
  • Odd CapeGo to Odd Cape
  • Ornate Blue CapeGo to Ornate Blue Cape
  • Ornate Red Cape
  • Ranger's BackpackGo to Ranger's Backpack
  • Fish Master's Cape
  • Monster Master's Cape
  • Nature Master's Cape
  • Bird Master's Cape


Any clothing garments will be showcased below. This is sorted in alphabetical order.

  • Aqua ShortsGo to Aqua Shorts
  • Battered HatGo to Battered Hat
  • Beige Angler's Hat
  • Black Dress Bottom
  • Black HoodGo to Black Hood
  • Black Pants
  • Black ShoesGo to Black Shoes
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Suit Pants
  • Black Suit Top
  • Black T-Shirt
  • Black Top
  • Blue Dress Bottom
  • Blue HoodGo to Blue Hood
  • Blue Pants
  • Blue Shorts
  • Blue Squad Skirt
  • Blue Squad Top
  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Brown Angler's Hat
  • Brown Pants
  • Brown Shoes
  • Brown Shorts
  • Captain's CapGo to Captain's Cap
  • Collector's CapGo to Collector's Cap
  • Fantastic TophatGo to Fantastic Tophat
  • Flora ShortsGo to Flora Shorts
  • Flora TopGo to Flora Top
  • Gray Pants
  • Gray Shorts
  • Green Angler's Hat
  • Green BeanieGo to Green Beanie
  • Green Dress Bottom
  • Green Pants
  • Green ShoesGo to Green Shoes
  • Green Shorts
  • Green T-Shirt
  • Green Top
  • House On LegsGo to House On Legs
  • Inspector's HatGo to Inspector's Hat
  • Jack-o'-LanternGo to Jack-o'-lantern (Clothing)
  • Khaki Suit PantsGo to Khaki Suit Pants
  • Khaki Suit TopGo to Khaki Suit Top
  • Moral CoatGo to Moral Coat
  • Pink Dress Bottom
  • Pink T-Shirt
  • Pink Top
  • Purple PantsGo to Purple Pants
  • Purple T-ShirtGo to Purple T-Shirt
  • Ragged HatGo to Ragged Hat
  • Ragged PantsGo to Ragged Pants
  • Ragged TopGo to Ragged Top
  • Red BeanieGo to Red Beanie
  • Red Pants
  • Red Dress Bottom
  • Red Shoes
  • Red Shorts
  • Red Squad Skirt
  • Red Squad Top
  • Red Top
  • Rich Man's CapGo to Rich Man's Cap
  • Sandy ShirtGo to Sandy Shirt
  • Spring HatGo to Spring Hat
  • The Shirt with the Big PocketGo to The Shirt with the Big Pocket
  • Top HatGo to Top Hat
  • White Dress Bottom
  • White Pants
  • White Shoes
  • White Shorts
  • White T-Shirt
  • White Top
  • Wonald Izzi HatGo to Wonald Izzi Hat
  • Yellow Angler's Hat
  • Yellow Dress Bottom
  • Yellow T-Shirt
  • Yellow Top


Similar to Clothing, they are purely used for vanity purposes. All currently-known costumes will be showcased below.

  • Frog #1Go to Frog Costumes
  • Frog #2Go to Frog Costumes
  • Frog #3Go to Frog Costumes
  • Frog #4Go to Frog Costumes
  • Frog #5Go to Frog Costumes

Misc Equipment

All currently-known misc equipment will be showcased below.

  • Ancient Dragon HornsGo to Ancient Dragon Horns
  • AntennaeGo to Antennae
  • AntlersGo to Antlers
  • Big Orange EyesGo to Big Orange Eyes
  • Black AntlersGo to Black Antlers
  • Brain MonocleGo to Brain Monocle
  • Blue Ogre Shoulder BuddyGo to Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy
  • Bunny EarsGo to Bunny Ears
  • Enchanted SpectaclesGo to Enchanted Spectacles
  • Fantastic RatboyGo to Fantastic Ratboy
  • Front Bullet PackGo to Front Bullet Pack
  • Gold AntlersGo to Gold Antlers
  • Pirate HookGo to Pirate Hook
  • Ranger SpectaclesGo to Ranger Spectacles
  • ShadesGo to Shades
  • SpectaclesGo to Spectacles
  • Spooky GrinGo to Spooky Grin
  • The CrownGo to The Crown
  • XenoculousGo to Xenoculous
  • Yaaxil CrestGo to Yaaxil Crest

Neck Equipment

All of the effects seen while equipping certain neck equipment. These effects will be showcased below.

  • Shattered Blade NecklaceGo to Shattered Blade Necklace

Ring Equipment

All of the effects seen while equipping certain ring equipment. These effects will be showcased below.

  • Strange Creature RingGo to Strange Creature Ring
  • Ring of PowerGo to Ring of Power
  • Scorched Soul's RingGo to Scorched Soul's Ring
  • Ratboy Morph RingGo to Ratboy Morph Ring

Fanmade Outfits

Any other things that weren't mentioned in the article (custom outfits) will be showcased down below.

  • Black Suit Outfit
  • Blue Squad Outfit
  • Court Jester Outfit
  • Flora Outfit
  • Khaki Suit Outfit
  • Purple Outfit
  • Red Squad Outfit
  • Ragged Outfit
  • The Drake's Outfit
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