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The Arnold Slime Quest is a beginner level quest which is easy to complete. The likes of this quest requires less than an hour of work and travel between Arnold's house in Hoodlum Falls and Topple Town. This quest i essential for all new players interested in fighting hard bosses such as the corrupted wizard and the golem.

Starting the Quest

To begin, you must first travel to Hoodlum Falls, where Arnold's house is. To reach there, travel south east of Topple Town until you arrive at the waterfall. Follow this waterfall all the way down until you reach a fork in the river.


At this fork, take an immediate LEFT. From there, the river will drift you straight to Arnold's house.

File:Hoodlum Falls.png


Heads up!

Hoodlum falls is overrun with bandits but the final reward for his missions is worth the risk!

Be very careful- the final portion of his mission requires collecting a big stack of items and dying loses all of the items! That means you have to start over!


When you get to Arnold's house, go inside! He's waiting there because he's too lazy to deliver the letter to his friend by himself!


Arnold's friend, Bandit Jack, is all the way back in Topple Town so make your way back to town and then climb up the ladder on the side of the fort. From there, Bandit will give you a return letter and you will have to go back again to Hoodlum Falls to deliver the response to Arnold!


Balloon Boy and Quest Closure

After passing off the response letter, Arnold will rudely make you aware that he won't give you anything for being a mailman; however, he states that Jack recommends balloon mushrooms for whatever he is working on and Arnold offers a reward just as long as you bring him back 15 of the mushrooms.

Finally! You've finished collecting all 15 balloon mushrooms and have somehow stayed alive! Return for the final time to Arnold and receive your prize- the pipe rifle! With its base 140 power, the pipe rifle is essential for beating the higher tiered monsters and bosses!