Arnold Slime is a quest-giver and a resident that can be found in the watermill located in Hoodlum Falls. The NPC is well-known for being the quest-giver of the Arnold Slime Quest, a chain of quests that involves sending letters and collecting Balloon Mushrooms.

List of Dialogues

Completion of Arnold Slime Quest

  • "Woah, you again. What's up?"
    • "Anything else you need done?"
      • "Ahh, no. Not at the moment at least."
    • "Your bandits attack me!"
      • "Huh, what's that? Oh no. I'll have to have a talk with those guys. I told them to attack anybody that looked dangerous, not sure why they'd be goin' after you. Ah well, maybe you should take it as a compliment."
    • "This place is a dump."
      • "Why you... How dare you? Don't you know who I am? I am Arnold Slime, and I own pretty much everywhere you step kid so think twice about what you say."
        • "What exactly do you own?"
          • "Look we can talk all details at night, but I don't got time for that kid, so why don't you get lost? I'm very busy."
        • "My apologies Mr. Slime."
          • "Hey, no problem, you just didn't know who I was. To tell you the truth I could straighten things up around here. The problem is those bandits of mine, they don't want to get any work done, all they wanna do is fight. Ah well, what can be done."
        • "Maybe I will maybe I won't."
          • "I would if I was you. Luckily I'm not though. Ha."
    • "Nothing."


  • People often have difficulties finding Arnold Slime as they are often wandering in the wrong place. If they do manage to find Hoodlum Falls, they may be attacked by hordes of Bandits and other mobs that lurks in the area, making it somewhat difficult for beginner and mid-game players to travel and interact with Arnold Slime in a peaceful manner.
  • The name Arnold means 'strong as an eagle/eagle power.' This may be a reference to how Arnold Slime is the boss of all bandits in the Frontier and mafia bosses are typically known to have a 'keen eye' wherever their target goes.
  • Arnold's last name 'Slime' references his species, a slime-like humanoid.
  • Although Arnold claims to own everywhere the player steps, his refusal to directly state what he owns leads many players to conclude he is bluffing
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