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Arbewhy is a vendor that runs the shop known as The Golden Coin at The Town of Right and Wrong near the furnace and anvil. Arbewhy sells a variety of items which include cosmetic armor sets, back equipment, and misc equipment.

Around Arbewhy's shop are different containers that contain ores, chemicals, mixtures, and other packaged items. Notable features of the interior of the building include a ring of rainbow that stretches from the floor to the ceiling that connects to a golden, crystallized chandelier-like light that illuminates the inside of the building.

Judging by its name, it appears to be comprised of two words; arbitrage and why. Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a difference in the price. This seems to suit well with this vendor as they possess top-hats which are sometimes associated to money. For the root word why, it may refer to how players question why some of its items are weird, outlandish, or expensive.

Arbewhy's items include the following:

  • Ancient Dragon Horns
  • Angel Wings
  • Black Cape
  • Dark Angel Wings
  • Dreamnet
  • Eyes of the Sword
  • Odd Cape
  • Ranger's Backpack
  • Spooky Grin
  • White Cape

Arbewhy's armor sets include the following:

  • Skeleton Set - Skull, Skeleton Torso, Skeleton Legs
  • Springtwig Set - Springtwig Eye, Springtwig Torso, Springtwig Legs
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