• Alias: Apple Bat, Applebat

The Apple Bat. A bat that takes on an appearance of a black apple with a pair of wings. It is seen in various locations of the Frontier, commonly seen in areas such as the Abandoned Orchard and Topple Hill. The players will be unable to find any Apple Bats in any of the 50 floors found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.


There are two attacks that the Apple Bat can perform:

  • Projectile - Shoots out a projectile at the players' current positions. Inflicts approximately 20 damage points.
  • Wing Flaps - Flaps its wings and moves towards the player in an attempt to crush their head. Inflicts approximately 8 damage points.


  • According to the developers, the mob is called "Applebat" -- however, the similarities are too negligible to change the name.
  • Before the Otherworld Update, it only drops Apples. After the introduction of the Otherworld Update, it is possible to acquire a Dragon Shrimp.
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