The Apple is one of the many consumables that can be acquired in the Frontier. The Apple can be obtained from many sources that include but are not limited to:

In appearance, it is simply a ripe red apple that was plucked from an apple tree. Nothing much can be said about the overall appearance of the Apple.

The Apple can be consumed by the players, restoring 30 HP back to the players' health pools. It can also be used during the Farm Fortress Defense Quest, specifically the objective handed out by the Red Farmer when the NPC asks the players to retrieve an Apple for him.


  • It is possible for players to acquire up to 25 Apples from an Otherworld Present. This is a possible reference to the Interdimensional Traveler's awful gifts, which include the Apple, Bass, Cobalt Bar, and so forth.
  • Apples can be seen throughout the Abandoned Orchard.
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