The Antlers is one of the many monster drops needed for the completion of the player's Itempedia. They are typically acquired from Deers, a passive beast often found in the Great Pine Forest and the Twinkling Meadow. Other methods of acquiring the Antlers includes the following:

  • 20% drop rate from the Pine Giant
  • Several pairs of antlers from the Deer (3x 2%, 3x 1%)
  • 0.1% drop rate from the Redman


Besides being sold at a value of 5,000 gold, an adventurer can turn in a pair of Antlers to Slayer at Topple Town in exchange for 24,000 gold (Slayer's Tasks). This can only be exchanged if the adventurer have the task card active and unlocked the Intermediate tier beforehand. An adventurer can also equip it in their miscellaneous slot, gaining a small melee damage boost that increases the overall melee damage by 10.



  • Oddly enough, the Antlers is more difficult to obtain from the Deer than it is to get it from the Pine Giant.
  • The Gold Antlers and the Black Antlers are other versions of the Antlers, and are obtained from mobs in the Nightmare.
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