• Alias: Antland King, Antland Giant, Antellery

The Antland King's appearance is that of a tall giant that looms over as if it were a hunchback. Its pale-green skin is similar to the color of a Glow Mushroom, it possesses a snout, tentacle-like arms, and stubby feet. Its attire is mainly comprised of a worn-out brown attire and a blue scarf wrapping around its neck.

It is seen on the 25th floor of the Otherworld Tower, The Return of the Ghost of Antland and a New King, serving as the 5th boss out of the 10 bosses that the players must defeat as they progress through the dungeon.

It is possible to see a variation of the Antland King that can also be found in the Otherworld Tower, dubbed as the 'Corrupted Antland King'. It can be found on the 43rd floor of the dungeon, The Antland They Don't Tell You About: Inside The Anthill, serving as the primary obstacle as the players progress through the dungeon.


There are five attacks that the Antland King can perform:

  • Quake - Slams both of its hands to the ground, creating a small 'quake' attempting to (knockback, or to harm) the players.
  • Quick Leap - Attempts to quickly leap to the player's current location in an attempt to smash the players' heads. Additionally, the wait time between this attack appears to decrease when it is low on health, sometimes resulting in a variant dubbed as the 'rapid-fire leaps.'
  • Stomp - If the player is near its feet, it will attempt to stomp on them.
  • Swing - Attempts to take a powerful swing at the player.
  • Swipes - Attempts to swipe its limbs at the players.


The most likely reaction and way to defeat the Antland King is to react quickly when it begins to use its attack, as well as having flight or jump-boosting equipment to assist the players. The tool, Mushroom Parasol, is suggested to be used during this floor as it will not only give the players an upper advantage while fighting the boss but dodge the attacks of the ant minions called upon by the 'king'.


  • Interestingly enough, all ant species do not have kings. Instead, they only have queens. Its name could simply be a joke, a mishap on the developer, supposedly an ant ruler or overlord that rules over the ants of Antland, etc.
  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is the 5th of the 10 bosses that the players will encounter in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
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