The Ancient Warrior is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. He can be found standing in front of the stairways outside of Knight Antonius's shop located in the Graveyard section of Topple Town.

The NPC does not appear to play an important role in the Frontier, however, he is affiliated with the Ancient Miner, both NPCs having similar adjectives (Ancient) and armor sets.

List of Dialogues

  • "Some good armor up those stairs."
  • "I got into a bad tussle down in the Red Ogre Inn, nearly lost my hat over a silly dispute."
  • "Skill goes a long way on the battlefield. But if you're struggling to take on real monsters, don't neglect upgrading your gears. I upgrade daily, heh. Heh. That's a lie, sorry. I only upgrade occasionally, and to tell you the truth, it's been awhile."


  • All of the Ancient Warrior's dialogues references the necessities of a typical warrior.
  • The Ancient Warrior got into a bad tussle in Red Ogre Inn over a silly dispute that involves the hat of the Ancient Warrior, as one of his dialogues implies. The person he had a tussle with may be the Injured Fellow found on the third floor of the Red Ogre Inn.
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