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The Ancient Forest is a medium-sized area that can be found in the Frontier. As its name implies, it is considered to be an ancient forested area that had 'seen the past and now the present'. The majority of its areas are located off on hillsides and elevated terrain, making some parts of its area inaccessible without the assistance of jump-boosting/flight equipment. The lands borders various areas that include but not limited to:

There are various landmarks and geographic features that are found scattered throughout the forest such as Abandoned Tent, Ancient Castle/Forest Bridge, Clamstack Cave, Dog Shrine, Ogre's Cauldron, and the Stone Crevice Passage.


The Ancient Forest has many birds flying throughout such as Beachbird, Blackbird, Brownbird, Forgotten Bird, Glow Bird, Greenal, Looter's Bird, and the Potatobird.


As expected of such a large forest the Ancient Forest contains an abundance of harvestables such as Angry Bushdweller, Bobber Mushroom, Boomba Mushroom, Brain Mushroom, Clamstack, Elephant Mushroom, Fantastic Mushroom, Flatty Mushroom, Fruitstack, Grateful Frog, Honey Mushroom, Moon Flower, Nightmare Mushroom, Pearl Flower, Plumbo Flower, Rising Star Mushroom, Spurtle Mushroom, Strangeman's Flower, Traveler Plant, and the Yellow Balloon Mushroom.


The Ancient Forest is filled with early game enemies for beginner adventurers to battle such as Apple Bat, Black Ant, Blackrock Wolf, Blue Lantern, Cellery, Esteemed Gumbo, Eyeball Alien, Forest Troll, Forest Walker, Ghost, Golden Spore Mole, Gumbo, Jester, Little Ant, Munsk, Mushroom Head, Ogre, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Otherworldly Knight, Primeval Genie, Purple Ogre, Ratboy, Red Lantern, Robo-Hopper, Scarecrow, Yellowman, and the Whisperer.


There are two NPCs that can be found in the Ancient Forest the first being Red Ratboy. The second being Interdimensional Traveler which can be found there rarely.

Overall, Ancient Forest hosts a variety of things that players seek that includes but not limited to:


  • Despite its small size, it is possible to encounter a variety of mobs at any point at any given time.
  • It is often visited by players for those who are searching for the Rising Star Mushroom, a very rare harvestable that are commonly reported to be seen in various spots of the Ancient Forest.