Amy Thistlewitch is a vendor that runs the shop known as Enchanted Jewels, located in Blackrock Mountain. The building can be found close to the main fields of Farm Fortress.

Amy Thistlewitch sells a variety of ring and neck equipment that offers different stats and boosts players could benefit from. Her items include the following:

Blue Eye Amulet
Coral Ring
Green Crystal Amulet
Hightower Ring
Mud Ring
Peapod Necklace
Ring of Power
Scorched Soul's Ring
Strange Creature Ring
Tough Green Ring
Tri-Color Necklace
Vital Pendant

List of Dialogues

  • "Looking for anything special?"


  • As the business Amy runs, she is a witch that is capable of enchanting items.
  • The name Amy means 'beloved', possibly referencing how the players love her for selling the equipment she offers.
  • The last name 'Thistlewitch' references her hairstyle, a typical witch's hair, as well as what appears to be things poking out of her hair like thistles.
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