The game thumbnail shown on the 1.21 (Halloween) Update's release.

The 1.21 Update, also known as the Halloween Update, was a minor content update released on October 31, 2018. The Halloween Update serves as a minor extension of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, including a new armor set known as the Guttermouth Set and balance changes. It also included an event NPC known as Jack-o'-lantern, who would hand out a Jack-o'-lantern (head accessory) to players. This head accessory was a limited-time item and will be re-obtainable by players the next time it is Halloween.

1.21 (Halloween) Update

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  • A new armor set, the Guttermouth Set, that can be obtained as a possible reward from Guttermouth Cell Challenges and/or rarely sold by Rising Waters in the Nightmare.
  • A event NPC known as the Jack-o'-lantern that will hand out a Jack-o'-lantern head to players that interacted with the NPC.

Balance Changes

  • Forgotten Life Set's endurance stats were nerfed from 18% per piece to 16% per piece.
  • Frontier Spellbook's base damage was buffed from 130 to 140 damage points.
  • Red Power Fists' energy cost per swing was buffed from 1.25 to 1.75. According to the developers, it was never intended to be as low as it was.
  • Romo Set's HP Regen stats were nerfed from +3 HP Regen per piece to +2.8 HP Regen per piece.


  • The 1.21 (Halloween) Update is the first event-related update to be implemented.
  • The 1.21 (Halloween) Update is also the first minor content update.




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